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My Partner Has Erectile Dysfunction. Now What?

Partner upset about ED

What you can do if your partner has erectile dysfunction.

Issues between the sheets affect both parties in a relationship, yet...

...addressing your partner’s issues is often much easier said than done.

The stress and embarrassment caused by erectile dysfunction prevents many men from seeking help. We’re a stubborn lot! Still, with your gentle encouragement, your partner can get the help they need to reignite the flame in the bedroom.

If you're looking for ways to support your partner, you've come to the right place. We know a thing or two about ED, and we're here to steer you on the right path! 

Alright, let’s get into it:

How do I know if my partner has erectile dysfunction?

The physical symptoms of erectile dysfunction include:

  • The inability to obtain or maintain an erection.
  • The ability to get an erection sometimes, not every time.
  • A loss of libido.

It's also common for men to avoid having sex altogether. If your partner is avoiding sex, it's not because they suddenly find you unattractive. Chances are, there's nothing they want more than to have a little fun with you in the bedroom!

Let's get one thing straight before we go any further: your partner's ED has nothing to do with you and everything to do with a physical, medical, or psychological issue.

How do I talk to my partner about their erectile dysfunction?

It's tough to find the right moment to broach the subject.

When is the best time? Over dinner? While watching the news? The truth is, it won't be an easy conversation to start, no matter when you decide to have it.

However, one thing is sure: it's best not to discuss your plan of attack in the moments after a failed intimate moment. Your partner will already be flooded with emotions. The last thing they need is to feel your frustration as well.

Remember, your partner is the one experiencing the physical symptoms of ED. They know something is wrong, and they know the conversation has to happen at some point.

Whether you’re witnessing early signs of erectile dysfunction, or your relationship has been affected by the condition for years, it’s important to approach the issue with sensitivity and understanding.

Set the mood

You know your partner better than anyone else. You know what he does to relax and when best to approach him. If you have a busy household, wait until you're alone or suggest going somewhere quiet together. This is a private conversation, but try to find a space outside of the bedroom to discuss the issue.

Be sensitive

It's important to let your partner know that you understand ED is not their fault. Let them know you love them, trust them, and you're committed to helping them. Talk about ED in medical terms and avoid showing any embarrassment. While the conversation will be hard for you, it will be even harder for your partner.

Great! I've had ‘the talk’ what?

You've discussed your partner's erectile dysfunction, you've made a plan together…

...and you've lifted a massive weight off their shoulders.

Now you need to establish a plan together, be it a natural remedy or medical treatment.

Before you go jumping into Viagra, you should determine the cause of the condition. Stress, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle choices and low testosterone are common causes of ED. If your partner has room to improve in these areas, try tackling these first.

Support your partner by:

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