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Guys! Here's *Every* Way To Last Longer In Bed

Pills? Diet? Exercise? How to go the distance...

Hands up if you wish you had a little extra stamina in the bedroom.

If you raised your hand, you’re not alone! Whether you’re struggling with premature ejaculation - which affects over 30% of men - or you’re sick of setting new seconds-long records, running short in the bedroom is a common source of stress for most men.

The question is, how do you train yourself to last longer in the bedroom? It turns out there are countless tips, tricks, ideas, home remedies, vitamins, and pills out there that all claim to boost the amount of time you’ll spend between the sheets., what are they?

And do they work?

Let’s find out!

Tips & Tricks For Lasting Longer In Bed

Pills & Medication

It’s natural to head to the doctor when a problem in the bedroom becomes an ongoing issue. When it comes to medication, you have the option of going prescription or herbal.


There’s a reason why Viagra is a popular name in men’s sexual performance medication.

It works! Well, kind of. While Viagra works wonders as a quick fix for sexual dysfunction, it won’t resolve the underlying issue. Longer-lasting solutions are often a better choice, and women agree. In fact, 80% of those surveyed said “ and romance is better on longer-lasting anti impotence medication”.

Viagra may treat the symptom, but it won’t treat the cause. Find out how to get long-lasting results from natural alternatives in our post ‘Compared! Viagra Alternatives For New Zealand Men’.

Natural Herbs, Supplements & Vitamins

Natural herbs and supplements are great alternatives to prescription medication. They provide long-term support that targets the cause, rather than just the symptoms.

The most effective natural supplements for improving your longevity include:


Zinc is highly effective for overall sexual health, boosting testosterone levels, increasing libido, improving erectile dysfunction, and helping you last longer in bed.

Korean Ginseng

Korean Ginseng is proven to boost your performance and improve sexual stamina.

Fenugreek Seed

The trigonella foenum-graecum extract from fenugreek is associated with improved sexual performance and erectile health.

Vitamin D3

Low Vitamin D has been associated with lower testosterone levels, which is why it’s so important to ensure you’re getting all the Vitamin D3 you need.

Find out why TESTO® is New Zealand’s go-to natural supplement for reigniting your sexual performance with ‘Why TESTO®?’.

Food & Diet

Your diet has an effect on most areas of your life, including in the bedroom. It’s all very well to tell you to “eat better”, but first, we need to understand the link between what we eat and how we perform in bed.

What are the top five foods that help you last longer in bed?


Packed with B vitamins, bananas boost serotonin, lower stress levels and increase energy – three factors essential for improving PE.


Good news to oyster lovers! Oysters are richer in zinc than any other food…by far. As we’ve already learnt, zinc is crucial to minimising the effects of sexual dysfunction.


Vitamin D deficiency is linked to many areas of poor health, including sexual dysfunction. Salmon and other omega-rich fish such as sardines are packed with Vitamin D and excellent foods for combating PE.


Now's the time to reach for the chocolate! Make sure it’s as dark and pure as possible to get the full benefits, including increased serotonin and dopamine, relaxed blood vessels and improved blood flow.

Raw nuts

Nuts such as walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews and almonds are packed with trace elements such as selenium and amino acids such as L-Arginine. These are known to produce nitric acid in the body, promoting longer, harder erections and improved sexual performance.

Find out how to spice things up in the kitchen - and the bedroom! - with our post 'Erectile Dysfunction: 9 Easy-To-Find Foods For Boosting Your Libido, Naturally'


We can’t stress enough how important it is to be hydrated for health and wellbeing in general. But when it comes to your sexual health, there is a clear link between dehydration and inhibited sexual performance.

What you should drink more of to last longer in bed


There’s no better way to hydrate than with water. Drinking more water increases blood flow around your body, making it easier to achieve and maintain an erection. Hydration can also reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, improving both libido and your bedroom stamina.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate is a wonderful superfood with many health benefits. Drinking pomegranate juice reduces oxidative stress, which can cause PE. Pomegranate juice is a delicious way to keep you going for longer.

Watermelon juice

Watermelon has a 92% water content, so it has super hydration powers. But watermelon also has aphrodisiac properties that help with all kinds of sexual dysfunctions in men, including PE.

Don’t let dehydration dry up your love life. Learn how water can help you improve your overall health and sexual performance in our post ‘11 Ways Water Can Improve Your Bedroom Performance’.

The things you should drink less of...


Does caffeine make you last longer in bed? Heavy caffeine intake can lead to heightened stress and anxiety. As we know, stress and anxiety contribute to all sorts of issues between the sheets, so limiting your daily caffeine is critical to combating the problem.


High alcohol consumption raises the risk of sexual disorders by 60-70 percent. So while it’s fine to enjoy a drink now and then, alcohol won't help you last longer in bed.


Regular exercise is the remedy for many health challenges, and it’s undoubtedly an effective solution for supporting your performance in the bedroom. If you’ve ever wondered if athletes last longer in bed, the answer is yes. Yes, they do.

Why? Here are just some of the reasons why exercise is good for your sexual health:

  • Exercise boosts confidence – lack of confidence inhibits your psychological power to last longer in bed.
  • Exercise gives you more energy – if you want to last longer in bed, you need the energy to do so! Hit the gym and improve your endurance levels.
  • Exercise increases blood flow – exercise increases oxygen which helps to pump blood around the body. This is what you need to achieve and maintain an erection.

Spend quality time between the sheets with TESTO®

To get a concentrated dose of performance-boosting vitamins and minerals, consider a natural supplement like TESTO®. Packed with ingredients proven to reignite your sexual performance, TESTO® provides long-term support for reigniting the spark in the bedroom!

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