About Us

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We inspire people to better health naturally by expertly formulating quality herbal extracts and mineral compounds to produce premium supplements that will enrich your life. 

GOVITALIZE LTD is a registered New Zealand company situated in Mt Maunganui, Bay of Plenty.

Our premium supplements are Naturopathically formulated utilising high quality herbal extracts, specifically standardised to provide maximum levels of active ingredients at an optimal dose and backed by clinical research.

TESTO® is a potent natural dietary supplements specifically formulated to support men’s and women’s sexual health and well-being.

TESTO® has supported thousands of men since 2012 and in May last year our head of research and development, Jenni Lane, who is a respected formulation specialist, BHSc in Complementary Medicine, a BSc in Zoology and a qualified Naturopath, created a more effective natural men's supplement by utilizing ingredients that are backed by clinical research. 

The all new TESTO® was launched in December 2017.

GOVITALIZE products are contract manufactured to the highest quality standards by Alaron Products Limited, New Zealand’s leading Custom Contract Manufacturer. 

Alaron Products Limited is registered with the American Food and Drug Administration, US FDA Registration No: 13845165048, and the Australian Government Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) compliance program and is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified.