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Certainty and confidence to be yourself.

"TESTO is a synergistic blend of quality natural ingredients, including herbal extracts, validated and dosed according to scientific and traditional research. Naturopathically formulated, we make it easy to support your testosterone, healthy erectile function and performance with just 2 capsules each day."

"We're so confident that you'll love TESTO® that we offer a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee."

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Get your mojo back

Founder Ian Gleghorn created TESTO® with a vision to inspire all men to greater health and vitality, naturally.

"Since 2012, TESTO has helped thousands of men regain confidence in their performance. Our premium natural supplement supports healthy testosterone and energy levels, promotes blood flow, and normal erectile function to restore your mojo."

Invest in your health every day for the long run.

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90-day money back guarantee

Potent natural formulation within 2 capsules per day

Designed & manufactured in NZ

Standardised herbal extracts validated according to scientific & traditional research

Honest results from real men

Formulation encapsulated in vegetarian capsules

No prescription required for dietary supplements

How does TESTO compare?

Not all testosterone supplements are created equal.

"Dissatisfied with the options available, we decided to formulate a potent natural blend of quality ingredients, including standardized herbal extracts validated by scientific and traditional research, known to positively influence human performance and health."

TESTO, the perfect blend of ingredients in just 2 capsules per day for optimal performance.

We pride ourselves in our high quality ingredients and formulation, giving you all the nutrients you need in 2 capsules per day.

Why else will you love TESTO?