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It’s not your fault, our libido breaks down with age. We know it sucks, but we can do something about it.

Founder, Ian Gleghorn, is a men’s health advocate and says “Our vision at GOVITALIZE is simple, to inspire men to greater health and vitality, naturally”. Since 2012, we have helped thousands of men regain their performance - improved libido, increased testosterone, and energy levels from taking TESTO.

TESTO contains a combination of high quality standardised herbal extracts, “that have been clinically tested”, vitamin D3 and essential minerals.

Naturopathically formulated by our Head of Research, Jenni Lane, a respected formulation specialist, BHSc in Complementary Medicine, a BSc in Zoology and a qualified Naturopath, TESTO ingredients are carefully blended to provide an optimal daily dose within 2 capsules.

When you choose TESTO, you can have confidence in your body's performance, reliability in our quality ingredients and trust that our product is supported by clinical and traditional evidence.

TESTO is a potent natural dietary supplement supporting men’s health, sexual vitality, and well-being. Manufactured in New Zealand to the highest quality standards in a GMP certified facility. 

GOVITALIZE LTD, proudly 100% New Zealand created, designed, and manufactured.

Clinically researched results

Demands of everyday life wreaks havoc on libido. Stress, weight gain, low energy, lack of exercise are all taking us men in one direction – down, to be blunt!

TESTO’s unique blend of 100% all-natural ingredients that you wouldn’t normally eat for dinner include, clinically tested herbal extracts with demonstrated benefits for supporting sexual performance, healthy testosterone and energy levels, giving you the confidence to perform at your best!

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What we put in

Let’s face it, you’re never going to eat this stuff – so we’ve carefully blended these quality ingredients into a potent two capsule per day formulation. TESTO capsules are vegetarian, non-GMO, gluten and dairy free.

  • Korean Ginseng
  • Fenugreek Seed
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin D

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Regain your libido and sexual vitality, naturally

Restore your mojo with TESTO’s optimal formulation, helping to improve your libdo, increase testosterone and give you more energy. Ultimately restoring your mojo.

  • Improve libido
  • Increase testosterone
  • Boost energy - & that's just the start!
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GOVITALIZE Ltd and its product TESTO® are 100% New Zealand created, designed and manufactured.