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What is erectile dysfunction NZ?

1 in 3 Men 50 Years + Experiences Erectile Dysfunction in NZ. We created TESTO® as a natural alternative to support your performance.

Are you experiencing difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection? You may be suffering from erectile dysfunction. TESTO® is a dietary supplement containing natural, clinically tested ingredients with demonstrated benefits for supporting healthy testosterone levels, blood flow, libido, energy, and stamina for healthy erectile function.

By including 2 TESTO® capsules in your daily diet, you can support a healthy lifestyle and boost your sexual performance.

The Condition

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a common sexual issue reported by men, affecting up to 30 million individuals. It is defined as difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection that is firm enough for sexual activity.

While having erection problems from time to time is not uncommon, ED that is progressive or happens regularly with sex is not normal and should be treated. Untreated ED can lead to other issues, such as low self-esteem, depression, or relationship distress for the man and his partner. If ED is impacting well-being or relationships, treatment is recommended to improve erectile function, enhance circulatory health, and improve the overall quality of life.

Erectile dysfunction for NZ men can be the result-of many health-related problems.

Erectile Dysfunction in NZ - What else should you know?

Who's at risk?

Erectile dysfunction for NZ men can be the result of many
health-related problems. Some known risk factors are:

  •  Men over age 50
  • Those with high blood sugar (diabetes), high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol.
  • Smokers, drug users or heavy drinkers
  • Men who are overweight or lack exercise
The physical causes of erectile dysfunction in NZ men
  • There is not enough blood flow into the penis.
  • Many health issues can reduce blood flow, such as hardened arteries, heart disease, high blood sugar (diabetes) and smoking.
  • The penis needs to be able to trap blood during an erection for it to be maintained. This is an issue that can happen at any age.
  • Nerve signals from the brain or spinal cord do not reach the penis.
  • Certain diseases, injury or surgery in the pelvic area can harm nerves to the penis.
  • Diabetes can cause small vessel disease or nerve damage.
  • Cancer treatments near the pelvis can affect functionality.
    Surgery and radiation for lower abdomen or pelvis cancers can cause ED. Treating prostate, colon-rectal or bladder cancer often leaves men with ED. Cancer survivors should see a Urologist for sexual health concerns.
  • Drugs used to treat other health problems can negatively impact erections. Patients should talk about drug side effects with their primary care doctors.
The emotional causes of erectile dysfunction in NZ men.
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Stress at home, work or social conflicts
  • Worry about sex performance such as how long you last

The Solution

Erectile dysfunction treatment for NZ men begins by prioritising your heart and vascular health. This may involve making changes to your diet, quitting smoking, increasing physical activity, or abstaining from drugs or alcohol. If you suspect that the medication, you're taking for other health conditions contributes to ED, it's important to consult your doctor. They may offer alternative medications (never discontinue or alter prescription drugs without consulting your healthcare provider).

Additionally, addressing emotional factors is crucial. Your healthcare provider may recommend therapy or counselling to address relationship conflicts, life stressors, depression, or anxiety related to past experiences with ED (performance anxiety).

Prescription drugs are available for erectile dysfunction treatment in NZ; however, natural ingredients can also help support normal bodily functions.

TESTO® is a natural dietary supplement developed using carefully selected, clinically researched herbal extracts and nutrients to support the underlying causes of ED. This formulation includes highly bioavailable ingredients, including the perfect blend of of active nutrients for support of healthier testosterone and energy levels, libido, and normal erectile function.

Include TESTO® as part of your daily diet to support your ongoing sexual performance and overall health and well-being.

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“I have been using Testo for over a year and have loved the control and strength of erection during sex. I didn't think I had an issue to deal with prior but I'm getting older and thought I'd try Testo just to see. I can last longer than I used to and seem to have more energy in general. I'm very happy with the results and would recommend it to anyone to try.”

– Trevor, Auckland

“I have tried some of the prescribed pills out there, but I wasn’t happy taking them long term and they are more expensive, so I decided to give TESTO a go. I continue to experience many of the benefits the natural healthier way has for a fraction of the price.”

– Alex, New Zealand

“After suffering heart failure last year, I had not been responsive as the medicines prescribed do not permit anything to happen that would raise either heart pressure or rate! Despite reductions in dosage - nothing happened. After taking Testo, I have my mojo back!”

– Roland, New Zealand

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" Here we have a product that does what it says it does, and well. Took a wee while to kick in for me (38 yo) but after around 3 weeks loading of the RDI, the results have been nothing short of outstanding. Massive boost to energy levels both inside and outside of the gym. Three month supply reordered. Thank you team Testo!"

– Luke Oudes