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How To Treat Sexual Performance Issues, Naturally

Three ways to boost performance in the bedroom Let’s get real, guys. Sexual performance issues can affect any of us. In fact 1 in 10 men will...
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Low Testosterone? It Could Be (A Lack Of) Zinc

The powerful benefits of Zinc on your health and hormones Not feeling yourself lately? Things not going so well in the bedroom? It could be the result...
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The ‘Meat Gives You Energy’ Myth, Debunked

Why meat might not be all it’s marketed up to be Eating meat is manly! *cue consumption of unhealthy amounts of meat* ...or so we’ve been led...
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How To Stay Active & Healthy While You're Stuck At Home

Tips for supporting your physical and mental health It’s safe to say things have changed a little since our last post… ...ok, so ‘a little’ might be...
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Selenium: Male Fertility & Testosterone Supporter

Six reasons this essential trace element should be on your supplement list Guys, it’s time to ask a few tough questions… ...are your ‘swimmers’ the healthiest they...
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This One’s A Game Changer: Study Finds Plant-Based Is Best For Performance

Four exciting facts from Netflix’s The Game Changers Let’s be honest…...keeping up with the latest fad diets isn’t a top priority.If Netflix’s The Game Changers documentary is...
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