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The Best of 2020: TESTO®'s 2020 Men's Health Roundup

2020 Men's Health Roundup

All the tips, tricks & advice from the year that was


...what a year, huh?

2020 has certainly been a whirlwind.

With all of the year’s stresses, it isn’t surprising if you’ve struggled to perform between the sheets. We know that stress is one of the leading causes of a loss of libido, so you’re definitely not alone if you’ve found yourself a little...distracted.

While we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the year ahead, today we’re also looking back at the year that was and the things we’ve shared about stress, sex, and supporting your overall wellbeing that you can take into the New Year.

Let’s take a look:

1. This One’s A Game Changer: Study Finds Plant-Based Is Best For Performance

This One’s A Game Changer: Study Finds Plant-Based Is Best For Performance

Are you struggling in the bedroom?

Have you considered changing to a plant-based diet?

In 2019 The Game Changers explored the benefits of plant-based eating. Featuring success stories from athletes and scientific analysis, the documentary was an enlightening resource that showed going plant-based isn’t just another fad diet.

We shared a comprehensive summary of some of The Game Changers’ most interesting findings back in February, so if boosting testosterone, improving sexual performance, and reducing stress sound appealing, give it a look for how you can achieve all of that and more by transforming the way you eat.

Learn more about the compelling reasons to change to a plant-based diet from our post This One’s A Game Changer: Study Finds Plant-Based Is Best For Performance.

2. Selenium: Male Fertility & Testosterone Supporter

Selenium: Male Fertility & Testosterone Supporter

Selenium is an essential trace element that supports fertility and sexual performance.

In our post from March, we covered the six leading benefits of selenium for your mind and body. Taking a closer look at selenium’s effect on your mental, physical, and sexual health, it’s clear why it’s vital to supplement with this key nutrient.

For six surprising reasons to add selenium to your supplement list, check out our post Selenium: Male Fertility & Testosterone Supporter.

3. How To Stay Active & Healthy While You're Stuck At Home

How To Stay Active & Healthy While You're Stuck At Home

Remember lockdown?

For many of us, it was a time when exercise went out the window, and our eating habits took a turn for the worse. This, combined with stress and uncertainty, led to a decline in mental and physical health.

Having quickly learned that staying active and healthy was the key to minimising the impact of lockdown, our post in April offered some practical tips on how to prioritise your health and wellbeing when you needed it the most.

And when we say ‘practical’, we mean ‘practical’. These tips are a great way to significantly improve your lockdown experience in the future, or even keep yourself fit and healthy if you find yourself working from home.

Did you struggle to stay active and healthy during lockdown? Check out our post How To Stay Active And Healthy While You’re Stuck At Home and be better prepared if there’s a ‘next time’.

4. The ‘Meat Gives You Energy’ Myth, Debunked

The ‘Meat Gives You Energy’ Myth, Debunked

We’ve all been duped into thinking meat gives us energy.

Turns out it’s a myth, and it’s not the only one that’s been circulating for decades.

We set out to debunk the most common myths about meat back in May, proving that you don’t need to be carnivorous to be a ‘real man’. With everything we learned while researching this topic, one thing stood out to us: meat and energy do not go hand-in-hand - quite the opposite.

In this post, we uncover some shocking truths about meat and the role marketing has played in convincing us that a meat-based diet is best for our health. It’s worth a read!

Does meat really give you energy? Or is this myth a product of good marketing? Find out in our post The ‘Meat Gives You Energy’ Myth, Debunked.

5. Low Testosterone? It Could Be (A Lack Of) Zinc

Low Testosterone? It Could Be (A Lack Of) Zinc

Testosterone depletion is a natural part of the ageing process.

It’s become common practice to head straight to the GP for prescribed medication, but many men are now turning to natural alternatives to combat the effects of low Testosterone. It just so happens zinc is one of the most effective!

As a powerful trace element, zinc has a long list of qualities that promote health and wellbeing. From balancing hormones to boosting immunity, we covered all of the benefits of zinc back in June.

Do you suffer from low Testosterone? Discover the benefits of zinc for improving testosterone levels in our post Low Testosterone? It Could Be (A Lack Of) Zinc.

6. How To Treat Sexual Performance Issues, Naturally

How To Treat Sexual Performance Issues, Naturally

We don’t talk about it enough, but sexual performance issues are common among men.

While prescription medicine certainly has its place in treating these issues, many medications provide only a temporary fix. As with all prescribed medications, there’s a delicate balance between benefits and side effects.

The good news is there are many natural alternatives. In July, we explored the many natural ways to treat sexual performance issues. These natural remedies treat the cause, rather than just the symptom, providing long-lasting results.

Are you ready to enjoy a long-lasting boost in sexual performance? Check out our post How To Treat Sexual Performance Issues, Naturally.

7. Andropause: Signs, Symptoms, & 3 Natural Remedies

Andropause: Signs, Symptoms, & 3 Natural Remedies

Ever heard of andropause? No? You’re not alone.

Andropause is a condition that affects men as they age. It’s a bit like the male equivalent of menopause, impacting your physical, sexual, and emotional wellbeing. However, unlike menopause, andropause happens slowly and gradually, making it difficult to identify.

While andropause is a normal condition, the symptoms can be unpleasant and uncomfortable. In October, we explored the signs, symptoms, and treatments for andropause including medicinal, natural, or a combination of both.

There’s no need to struggle through your andropause symptoms! Take a look at the treatments in our post Andropause: Sign, Symptoms, & 3 Natural Remedies.

8. Compared! Viagra Alternatives For New Zealand Men

Compared! Viagra Alternatives For New Zealand Men

For men struggling in the bedroom department, Viagra is a quick and easy solution.

While it’s a great option, Viagra is a temporary solution to a chronic condition.

In December, we looked at the leading alternatives to Viagra. By tackling the underlying issues, you have a better chance of enjoying long-term improvements in sexual performance and overall health and wellbeing.

Viagra may treat the symptom, but it won’t treat the cause. Find out how to get long-lasting results from natural alternatives in our post Compared! Viagra Alternatives For New Zealand Men.

That’s it for 2020!

2020 has been a rocky year, for sure.

While there’s no way to control the year’s events, as we’ve seen today, there are numerous ways to take back control over your sexual health, performance, and overall well being. With these tips and our powerful erectile support supplement you’ll be able to perform at your best year-in, year-out.

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