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Why Does Sexual Stamina Decrease with Age?

A decrease in sexual stamina with older age is normal, but it can still be incredibly frustrating for you and your partner.

The reason behind this lies within the interaction between our hormones and our libido. If you're wondering why this decrease in stamina occurs, read on.

Why does sexual stamina decrease with age?

Testosterone, a hormone necessary for men to achieve sexual arousal, is high in your 20s. This means that for most of the population, increased sex drive and healthy erections are expected. For some people, sex-induced anxiety can develop due to age and inexperience, with 8% of the male population in their 20s reporting erectile dysfunction (ED).

Testosterone starts to decrease slowly after age 30, especially around age 35. Typically, testosterone levels decrease around 1% every year, but this can be faster for some men. This decrease in testosterone can have a potent effect on someone's sex drive and sexual stamina. On top of this, many men experience work and family stress, amongst other commitments, which can decrease the interest level in sex.

However, enjoying your sex life as you grow older should be achievable for those with good mental and physical health. While ED often increases in likelihood with age, and erections can happen less frequently, age is just one factor in the development of ED. Other health conditions that can decrease your sexual stamina are diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and the drugs and medications used to treat these conditions.

Testosterone and sexual stamina

As mentioned earlier, testosterone is a sex hormone. It's mainly produced in the testicles and plays a significant role in men's libido and sexual performance. Women also have testosterone but at much lower levels. While testosterone is linked to sex drive, it's not the only body process that it controls. Testosterone can also aid in developing muscle, sperm, red blood cells, and body hair.

If you have low testosterone levels, some signs and symptoms might include:

  • Weight gain or trouble with weight management
  • Decreased muscle mass
  • Poor concentration and increased fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection
  • Reduced sperm count
  • Decreased sex drive

Other causes of low stamina

The amount of testosterone needed to get aroused will vary depending on the person. For now, research is still investigating how decreased levels due to age exactly affect sex drive. For some men with lower testosterone levels, their sex drive isn't affected. While testosterone is an important factor, it's not the only one.

How to combat decreased stamina

Increasing your sexual stamina can be complex. Reduced libido can be due to other underlying medical conditions, like high blood pressure or an underactive thyroid gland. Reach out to a health professional if it's significantly affecting your quality of life. In the meantime, you can try reducing unhealthy habits, including:

  • Smoking
  • A lack of exercise
  • Poor sleep quality
  • High use of alcohol and drugs
  • Unhealthy diet

If you want to give a boost to your sexual stamina and enjoy great sex at any age, try incorporating more:

  • Quality time with your partner, so you can discuss your emotional needs and build intimacy
  • Aphrodisiac foods into your diet, like cocoa, maca powder, bananas, and oysters
  • Daily exercise to improve your physical and mental health
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and improve your sleep quality

The bottom line

Sexual stamina can decrease with age due to a decrease in testosterone levels and other underlying medical conditions.

While this is normal, incorporating a healthy lifestyle can help improve your sexual stamina.

Plus, with the ongoing support of a natural supplement like TESTO you can ensure you get the most out of your newfound boost in the bedroom!

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