Improve stamina, energy and confidence.

TESTO®  is a 100% natural herbal formulation, which increases your testosterone and reignites your energy. It’s the ultimate way to boost your confidence and performance.

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Improve stamina, energy and confidence with TESTO®.

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Increase confidence, energy and stamina with TESTO®'s potent two capsule a day formula.

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What do our customers say?

I have tried some of the prescribed pills out there, but I wasn’t happy taking them long term and they are more expensive, so I decided to give TESTO a go. I continue to experience many of the benefits the natural healthier way has for a fraction of the price.

Alex, New Zealand

I have been using Testo for a couple of years now and it does the job. Previously I had tried similar products but only with limited success. I am happy to continue using Testo.

Duncan, New Zealand

Although I don’t suffer from issues at all, a friend convinced me to give TESTO a try. I bought just 1 bottle and was blown away by the results after a few weeks!

Robert, New Zealand

After suffering heart failure last year, I had not been responsive as the medicines prescribed do not permit anything to happen that would raise either heart pressure or rate! Despite reductions in dosage - nothing happened. After taking Testo,  I have my mojo back!

Roland, New Zealand

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Our Commitment to Quality

Quality matters. And it’s our commitment to provide the best quality supplementation to all of our customers. TESTO® for men is consistently the best in the industry – without exception!

Our commitment includes:

  • Analysing every formulation to confirm ingredient accuracy
  • Testing for full compliance verification
  • Quarantining finished goods until a final quality control review has been completed
  • Retaining bottled samples of each production batch for future reference
  • Monitoring and checking operators, machines and environments for compliance
  • Conducting a comprehensive staff training programme

Additionally, we also demand high standards from all raw material and packaging suppliers to ensure that the final product arrives safely into your hands with a 100% assurance on the quality of all ingredients.