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Erectile Dysfunction: 9 Easy-To-Find Foods For Boosting Your Libido, Naturally

Cupid's cooking up a storm with these great ways to spice up your sex life 

Hey, guys.

Pull up a seat.

It’s about time we had a talk.

Now tell us, has stress, tiredness, or a poor diet left you feeling inadequate?

If so, you’re not alone. In fact, research has found that between 13-28% of men report a loss of interest in sex at some stage in life.

From work to workouts, modern life has a habit of savaging your sex drive and leaving you feeling the pressure to perform in the bedroom.

If you’d rather sleep than get your sexy on, it’s high time you heat things up and reignite your sex life.

How? Well, they say the stomach is the best way to a man’s heart.

It just so happens that nutritionists agree it’s also a great way to sustain a spicy sex life!

So leave the chemical laden treatments at the door and instead start cooking up a storm - in and out of the bedroom - with these sexy libido-boosting foods that you’ll find sitting on your supermarket shelves.

Lacking energy in the sheets? Get busy in the streets with these 7 foods

1. Oysters


Who didn’t see this one coming? Call off the search for the treasures of the lost city of Atlantis, because this unsuspecting underwater aphrodisiac might just be the greatest gift of all time.

Much like other natural libido boosters like TESTO®, Oysters contain high levels of Zinc. This vital ingredient has been shown to increase testosterone production and support healthy sperm levels. That’s shucking amazing!

2. Dark Chocolate

Ask just about anyone and we’re sure they’ll agree: chocolate is just plain sexy. But did you know that it can also help supercharge your sex drive? That’s right! That feel-good, post-chocolate feeling is more than make believe. Chocolate actually contains Phenylethylamine, which is a chemical proven to stimulate your sense of excitement.

Going shopping? Then reach for the 70% or higher dark chocolate on the supermarket shelves. A quick nibble of the cocoa nib will help to increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, relax your blood vessels, and increase blood flow to the areas that matter most, if you catch our drift.

3. Nuts

We’re just nuts about nuts. And so are your nuts, apparently! Puns aside, the likes of Almonds, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, and Peanuts (try saying that five time fast) provide your body with the raw materials it needs for happy, healthy hormone production. If that wasn’t ‘nutty’ enough, they also boost your libido and even aid in reversing impotence.

4. Cinnamon

When we told you it’s time to spice up your sex life, did you think we meant it literally? It just so happens we did! Cinnamon and Oysters have this one thing in common, and that is they’re both natural aphrodisiacs. With a touch of cinnamon, you can heat up your sexual appetite without a hint of chilli in sight.

Maybe the Cinnamon Challenge was onto something after all?

5. Garlic

This staple ingredient in everything from sauces to spaghetti is historically known for its vampire - and kiss - killing qualities. But it just so happens that this staple of the cooking cupboard contains high levels of Allicin, which can help to increase blood flow throughout your body, fight the signs of erectile dysfunction, and enhance your sexual function.

6. Celery

That green-long stemmed vegetable stick isn’t just great with dips. It turns out Celery contains Androsterone, which is an odourless hormone released when you’re sweating up a storm and apparently drives women wild.

7. Fish

Boosting your libido under the covers takes more than a few return trips under the ocean’s surface. This time, it’s fish! But those scaley suckers can’t take all the credit. Any food that’s high in B Vitamins is a great way to lift your lacklustre libido, and fish is a great source of this natural supplement.

Fish include Vitamins B3 - which controls anaerobic metabolism for increased sexual energy and blood flow - as well as B6, which regulates the Prolactin responsible for your pleasure and sexual enjoyment between the sheets.

If this all sounds a little fishy to you, then brown rice, legumes, and spinach leaves are all great alternatives.

8. Broccoli

Wow, so our parents weren’t mad after all when they told us to eat our greens. Especially if you’re wanting dessert! Broccoli is great for the bedroom, as it works to remove excess estrogen and turns this into testosterone that your body needs to give it a boost.

9. Oats

Ah, the breakfast of champions! Porridge is a wonderful winter warmer. But did you know this libido boosting meal can also heat things up elsewhere - if you catch our drift - with its ability to increase the amount of testosterone in the bloodstream? The more you know!

The secret to feeling sexy is found on the supermarket shelf

If you’re lacking energy in the sheets, it’s time to get busy in the streets…

...and by the streets, we mean the kitchen!

While you can’t expect the same results as a natural sex-drive supporting supplement, living and eating healthy food can leave you looking and feeling that much better both in and out of the bedroom.

We’re not talking exotic food with odd names you can’t pronounce, either.

In fact, you’re as likely to find the foods we’ve mentioned above in your backyard as your are your local supermarket.

So if you’re struggling to keep up - or keep it up - in the bedroom, consider increasing your sexual desire by adding these foods to your shopping list. 

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